Hexa News

  • 🔥Ready to burn 50.000.000 Hexa! 🔥

    So what is "Coin Burn"?
    It can assist the cryptocurrency's rise in value. Although that is far from a certain thing, some cryptos have visible advantageous charge movements after tokens are burned.

    Which means...
    ‼️ Hexa will be more valuable ‼️


  • The Leaderboard is On The Way✨

    Here is another new Hexa feature!
    Now is the chance to grab awesome prizes, don’t hold yourself back⛏️

    • There will be daily prizes for the ones who enter the top 3
    • BNB rewards will also be distributed to top users

    Keep Mining, Keep Boosting, Keep Winning👍



    Our new feature about reward distribution "Lucky wheel" is coming.

    We’re extremely grateful for your support and feedback. Your voices and opinions are heard and shape the future of Hexa 🚀


  • We are meeting up daily to brainstorm ideas💡

    Today we’ve been finalizing something HUGE. You're sure to love Hexaverse once it’s released 😎


  • Welcome to #hexaverse 🎉

    We are proud to announce our upcoming Metaverse project
    You will be able to use your Hexa’s in Metaverse 😲
    Keep mining dear miners!